The Statutory specification and establishment of Government Ministries and Agencies intends to create opportunity for specialization to achieve maximum gross out-put in administering the Economic, Political and Engineering components of the State Liberia as a single unit.
Predicated on the general outlook of Government to achieve National goals as a single unit, the Department of Public Works was created by an Act of the National Legislature in 1928, and was later changed to the Ministry of Public Works in 1972  to adequately administer the Engineering component of the State in terms of surveying, drafting/designing, construction and supervision, to improve and maintain, direct or by contract all highways, bridges, roads, streets,  airport, seaport, and all other public infrastructure in the Republic of Liberia.
Statutory Authority: (Government of Engineering Arm)
Summary of Agency in Liberia at this time:
The summary purposes of the Ministry are surveying, drafting and designing construction and supervising construction contracts, and the maintenance of roads, bridges, and public buildings.
Summary Description of Goals and Services including Beneficiaries:
  1. Summary description of goals:  Conducive road network, standard construction and standard city ordinance as required by global engineering.
  2. Summary Description of Services: The construction/maintenance of public buildings and bridges, regulation of Zoning laws and supervision of Construction contracts
  3. Summary description of beneficiaries:  The citizenry, investors, and the efficient and effective operations of Government

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