Vision, Mission and Organizational Structure



MPW, as the technical and engineering arm of the Government of Liberia, is committed to ensuring that Liberia is connected through improved road network, infrastructure planning and development, community and sanitation services that would underpin socio-economic growth and create an affordable, effective and sustainable built environment.




To achieve this vision, the Ministry shall provide the required leadership, facilitation and support in developing a sustainable built environment/ infrastructure through the development of policies, strategies, regulations, standards, procedures and guidelines to meet required performance levels and securing funding for development and maintenance of assets, cooperating, coordinating with, enabling and informing sector stakeholders and providing emergency intervention.


Towards this end, it has established as an overriding policy on decision-making that every Action Point [Department/Bureau/Division/Section] shall effect action in the attainment of the Ministry’s overall goal and mission can be strategically construe as:


“To be a people-centred and result-oriented Public Infrastructure Agency of excellence”


Organizational Structure Mission


The Ministry of Public Works is divided into three Departments: Administration, Technical Services and Rural Development & Community Services. The Ministry is headed by a Minister along with three Deputy Ministers who head the three departments assisted by Assistant Ministers who are all appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Senate. The structure contains seven bureaux [Administration, Technical Services, Construction, Operations, Planning & Programming, Community Services and Rural Development] headed by the Assistant Ministers. The bureaux are subdivided into 21 divisions that are headed by Directors.