Department of Administration

Headed by a Deputy Minister, the Department of Administration performs all Administrative functions and coordinates all activities of the Ministry of Public Works.


The functions of the department of Administration are executed under the guidance and supervision of a Deputy Minister for Administration who is ably assisted by an Assistant Minister of Administration and a Comptroller who is responsible for financial management and control.


It is important to stress that the Department comprises a bureau and several important divisions headed by directors who are charged with ensuring that various components of public administration are professionally carried out in order to maximize services to the general citizenry and all stakeholders interested in the work of the Ministry of Public Works.


In total, there is one (1) bureau, eight (8) divisions and one (1) section operating under the administrative arm of the Ministry.



Bureau of Administration is headed by an Assistant Minister. Through monitoring, evaluation and subsequent systemic reporting, to oversees all the Divisions just named with the exception of the Division of Internal Audit for reasons of accountability and transparency as well as reasonable assurance. Because the Minister is not a member of the Procurement and Budget and Finance Committees, it is only fair that the reports and activities of the Internal Audit Division are overseen. Thus, while being considered as a component of the Administrative Department, the Division of Internal neither report to the Assistant Minister for administration nor the Deputy Minister but rather to the office of the Minister. 


Financial Management and Control Division


The Financial Management & Control Division of the Ministry of Public Works is headed by a Financial Comptroller who is assisted in his duties by a Deputy Financial Comptroller and is responsible for the design, and installation of an effective and efficient accounting system in keeping with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). The Division is also manned by able and dedicated staff including Accountants, Cashiers, Financial Specialists and Analysts, Financial Clerks, Pay Officers among several others.


There are three (3) sections operating under the Financial Control and Management Division of the Ministry of Public Works, each headed by a Chief. These sections are:


  • Accounts
  • Budget
  • Payroll


Human Resources and Training Division (HRT)


The Human Resources and Training Division is headed by a Director who is assisted by (5) Assistant Directors and is charged with the responsibilities  not limited to the tapping of human resources for maximum productivity as well as enforcing the Civil Services Agency Standing Orders for Civil Servants. More besides, the division’s   functions include recruitment, placement, retrenchment, monitoring of personnel budgets and monitoring of local staff development programs as well as grievance and ethics. It must be noted that the HRT Division is the largest in the Department of Administration and along with the Financial Management and Control Division play an important role in day to day management of the Administrative component of the Ministry of Public Works.


Communications& Documentation Division


The Communications and Documentation Division is headed by a Director who is assisted by an Assistant Director and is charged with the primary responsibility of providing the public with timely, accurate, clear, objective and complete information about the Ministry of Public Works’ policies, programs, services and initiatives. It is equally mandated to research, gather information and formulate ideas that will promote the Ministry and its Partners in progress.  It is also responsible for documenting all communications coming in and out of the Ministry. The Division also processes the annual reports of the Ministry as well as managed the Ministry’s library and documentation center while engaging in multimedia activities intended to positively showcase the work and activities of the MPW.


Information Technology Division


The Ministry of Public Works (MPW) IT Unit is headed by a supervisor and comprised 6 professional staff including a hardware specialist, Software Specialist and various technicians.


The Unit is one of the key support services Units at the MPW providing wide range of technological support to the senior management team (SMT) and the entire staff. These services range from installation of new technological gadgets, their maintenance, upgrading of existing IT infrastructure and ensuring 24/7 internet connectivity.


It is important to mention the that Division of Information Technology was established in November 2004 in order to promote the use of information technology and act as a facilitator in the field of information technology in an attempt to build an IT interface with the rest of the country and the world with the objective of introducing flexibility and dynamism as well as incorporating IT tools for imparting technological education to all MPW employees.


From all indications, it is clear that the MPW in recent years has improved its IT capability with a single objective in mind; which has been to ensure that increased information technology processes, availability, and use lead directly to improved performance in various work processes thus successfully executing organizational tasks in a time-bound manner.




The vision of the Division is to make the Ministry a center of excellence as it relates to modern work environment using IT knowledge, experience, strategies and approaches as well as equipment and tools to fast track various work processes.


Functions and Duties:


The Division of Information Technology has been setup with the following functions and duties in mind:


  • Responsible for the successful implementation of the Ministry’s approved IT policy
  • Ministry’s focal point for all IT related investment
  • Operates and manages the Ministry’s Infrastructure and systems, including all troubleshooting, documentation, project interaction, systems development and change management
  • Responsible for ensuring that all known systems are operated and managed efficiently in accordance with the Ministry of Public Works  IT directives and guidelines
  • Provides metric management and status updates to management, and ensures that all required documentation is produced, updated and made available.
  • Provides technical oversight and guidance for all data center systems and infrastructure, including servers, power, ventilation, equipment location, preventive maintenance and physical security
  • Manages formal training, experience and on-the-job training requirements to ensure that  MPW personnel are cross-trained and major responsibilities are cross-matrixed
  • Directs the collection and analysis of system metrics and other information to ensure that complete and accurate capacity management and system performance statistics are provided to management and made available to IT personnel for review
  • Communicates effectively with vendors through Procurement, external private and government agencies, service providers and other entities and ensures that IT objectives are accurately represented in various technical information exchanges
  • Facilitates and maintains a productive working relationship with all non-IT  personnel ,consultants and contractors to identify technology requirements and coordinate technology activities
  • Responds to and troubleshoots emergencies including server and system outages, physical infrastructure issues and other equipment issues
  • Develops and implements configurations for new equipment and reconfigures and maintains server and system equipment and servers
  • Monitors and maintains network and business-critical applications to the highest levels of “up time” including servers, connectivity, application, and databases
  • Ensures security of network ,staff information, other work product, and backups
  • Ensures compliance with MPW IT security regulations
  • Oversees hard wares purchases, PC setup and installation, help desk /users support
  • Monitors and manages databases including security, backup, maintenance, and optimization
  • Provides regular and ad-hoc work reports of activity-related information
  • Maintains currency with technology changes and enhancements and identifies improvement opportunities in information technology infrastructure
  • Building capacity of MPW staff in an attempt to proactively facilitate and positively impact e-governance processes
  • Planning and coordination of various IT related programmes and projects within the Ministry
  • Appraisal of new technologies and prescribing uniform standards
  • Provides technical advice and support services to all Departments and Divisions
  • Proactive promotion of IT work processes
  • Bandwidth management and ensuring safe and secure internet access
  • Along with Communications and Documentation Division, jointly develop and manage the Ministry’s portal /website
  • Management of all major networks in the Ministry as well as providing IT and IT-enabled education to all staff
  • Other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Ministry’s Senior Management Team


Security Division


The Security Division is headed by a Director who is assisted by an Assistant Director and is charged with the responsibility to ensure that the Ministry’s assets are safe from theft and external abuse. It is headed by a Director with a substantial background in security training and operations. Besides the protection of officials, visiting VIPs and other similar kinds of activity, this division investigates vehicular accidents involving any of the Ministry’s cars or machines and as well monitors and supervises in conjunction with the Financial Management and Control Division, the MPW’s Vehicle Insurance policy.


General Services Office (GSO)


The General Services Office (GSO) is responsible for procuring, storage, supply and distribution. It is also responsible for providing adequate logistical support to the Ministry in its entirety. The GSO is then headed by a Director supported by several Assistant Directors; each of whom heads the various sections including Procurement, Logistics, Warehousing and Facility Management. Thus, the various sections are mandated to execute the following summarized functions:


  • Procurement-Responsible for procuring all goods and services required by the Ministry in the successful discharge of its statutory mandate and responsibilities in line with the Public Procurement and Concession Commission Law of Liberia  (PPCC) and international best practice in  public sector procurement.
  • Logistics-Responsible for oversight and providing supports in terms of vehicles, machines and other kinds products including gasoline, fuel, and lubricants.
  • Warehousing-Responsible for  storage of all goods , products and other assets  procured by the Ministry of Public Works in a timely and documented context.
  • Facility Management-Responsible for maintenance and cleanliness of the Ministry’s facilities and environment including the compound and offices. Currently, it is also tasked with the monthly distribution of bath essentials across all departments, bureaus and divisions within the Ministry.


Internal Audit Division


The Audit Division at the MPW is headed by a Chief Internal Auditor also known and referred to as Director of Internal Audit who is assisted by several auditors and is one of many reforms initiative highly supported by the current senior management team for the purpose of providing the minister and senior management with reasonable assurance that the accounting and administrative control systems in place throughout MPW are adequate and operating effectively.


In ensuring that internal control system and administrative mechanisms are adequate and operating effectively, Internal Auditors perform periodic audits at all levels of management to provide independent analysis, appraisals, advice, and recommendations of the activities reviewed at reasonable cost.


It is along these lines of reasoning that the Internal Audit Division of the Ministry of Public Works formally conducted its first comprehensive audit for the fiscal year 2009-2010 and   perhaps the first for a government ministry in the current dispensation with the following objectives:


  • To ensure that policies governing petty cash are established to serve as a framework for strict adherence  to check and balance ;
  • To assess the adequacy and effectiveness of petty cash policies and procedures;
  • To determine whether internal controls over general and special allowances are in existence and are been followed strictly;
  • To ensure that supplies that are entrusted with the Facility Management Section are used for their intended purposes;
  • To ensure that all policies, procedures, and operating manuals are adequate and effective for all Divisions within MPW;
  • To ensure that best practices of assets safekeeping and maintenance are practiced by the Warehouse in order that assets received are received in full, logged in properly on inventory cards, properly shelved, and distributed; and
  • External and internal regulations relative to procurement are properly followed.


Summarily, series of audits conducted within six months were used as samples to evaluate various internal control procedures on procurement, accounting and financial matters, and other administrative matters within MPW and to express audit opinions.


Interestingly, it is important to mention that there are so many benefits associated with the Internal Audit Division (IAD) audit report that the MPW Senior Management Team must appreciate and learn from in its desire to institute transparency and accountability in the management and operational settings of the MPW.


Towards this end, the current administration has committed itself to fully supporting the Internal Audit Division (IAD) so that it continues to conduct periodic audits which from all indications are paramount in assuring sound managerial controls over all aspects of operations including accounting and finance, asset management, information system, and controls over activities carried out by various Departments for the attainment of MPW goals and mission.


Besides the recently concluded 2009/2010 audit, the IAD has also been able to accrue to the Ministry major dividends from its various audit projects including:

  • Initiation of the Pre-Audit Exercise by the Minister to mitigate various risks highlighted by Internal Audit during the course of various audits. This exercise involves the careful review and verification of all financial documents such as checks, vouchers (external and internal), invoices (proforma, credit, and cash), requisitions, purchase orders, payment requests, etc. raised for payment by Internal Audit before processing for payment can be done.
  • The halting of overtime payment due to its misuse and instructed that written policies and procedures be crafted and finalized to guide the use of overtime within MPW.
  • The deposit of all funds generated by MPW for the Government of Liberia in the GOL Revenue Account at CBL, funds generated by MPW are usually from fees of construction permits, sale of bidding documents, etc.
  • Tightening the control over DSA payments. In this memo, the Minister insisted that approval of DSA payments and additional resources for anyone or delegation traveling outside of MPW main compound must be done by him (M1). His reason was clear: to ensure that additional resources are tied to specific projects and/or activities that are documented and justified. The Minister observed that lack of proper supervision and clarity of objectives are affecting the overall results of travels.  
  • The Minister of MPW, through the Office of the Deputy Minister for Administration, has given authority to Internal Audit to perform regular assessment audits of all MPW Projects contracted and undertaken by its personnel.


Arts & Decoration Section


The Arts and Decoration Section is headed by a Supervisor and plays an important role in the operations and activities of the Ministry of Public Works. As its name depicts, this section is the ever-ready unit of the MPW responsible for carrying out various beautifying initiatives to commemorate national occasions such as Independence Day, Armed Forces Day, and Flag Day as well as during important state visit by Heads of States and other important dignitaries. In recent years, the Section has become more proactive in working close with authorities of the Ministry of State in executing appropriate decoration initiatives during the various nationwide cabinet retreats and rural visits initiated by the current dispensation.


In short, the section is tasked with the following responsibilities:

  • Decoration of Public Buildings and Streets for Official Programs
  • Construction & Maintenance of the Presidential Grand Stand
  • Laying of Red Carpet for the Welcoming Foreign Guests