Function of Information Technology Section

The Ministry of Public Works (MPW) IT Unit is headed by a Director and comprises of 5 professional staff including a Hardware specialist, Software Operator, Network Technician and various technicians.

The unit is one of the key support services at the MPW providing wide range of technological support to the Senior Management Team (SMT) and the entire staff. These services ranges from installation of new technological gadgets, their maintenance, upgrading of existing IT infrastructure and ensuring 24/7 internet connectivity.

It is important to mention that the Division of Information Technology was established in November 2009 in order to promote the use of information technology and act as a facilitator in the field of information technology in an attempt to build an IT interface with the rest of the country and the world with the objective of introducing flexibility and dynamism as well as incorporating technological education to all MPW employees.

From all indications, it is clear that the MPW in recent years has improved its IT capability with a single objective in mind; which has been to ensure that increase information technology processes, availability, and use lead directly to improved performance in various work processes thus successfully executing organizational tasks in a time-bound manner.


The vision of the Division is to make the Ministry a center of excellence as it relates to modern work environment using IT knowledge, experience, strategies and approaches as well as equipment and tools to fast track various processes as Road Authority.


The Division Information Technology has been setup with the following functions and duties in mind:

  • Responsible for the successful implementation of the Ministry’s approved IT Policy.
  • Ministry’s focus point for all IT related investment
  • Operates and manages the Ministry’s Infrastructure and system, including all troubleshooting, documentation, project interaction, systems development and change management.
  • Responsible for ensuring that all known system are operated and managed efficiently in accordance with the Ministry of Public Works IT directives and guidelines.
  • Provides metric management and status updates to management, and ensures that all required documentation is produced, updated and made available.
  • Provides technical oversight and guidance for all data center systems and infrastructure, including servers, power, ventilation, equipment location, preventive maintenance and physical security.
  • Manages formal training, experience and on-the-job training requirements to ensure that MPW personnel are cross-trained and major responsibilities are cross-matrixes.
  • Direct, collect and analysis of system metrics and other information to ensure that complete and accurate capacity management and system performance statistics are provided to management and made available to IT personnel for review.
  • Communicates effectively with vendors through Procurement, external municipal and government agencies, service providers and other entities and ensures that IT objectives are accurately represented in various technical information exchanges
  • Facilitates and maintains a productive working relationship with all non-IT personnel consultants and contractors to identify technology requirements and coordinate technology activities.
  • Responds to and troubleshoots emergencies including server and system outages, physical infrastructure issues and other equipment issues.
  • Develops and implements configurations for new equipment and reconfigures and maintains server and system equipment and servers
  • Monitors and maintains network and business critical applications to the highest levels of “up time” including servers, connectivity, application, and databases.
  • Provides regular and ad-hoc work reports of activity-related information
  • Maintains currency with technology changes and enhancements and identifies improvement opportunities in information technology infrastructure
  • Building capacity of MPW staff in an attempt to proactively facilitate and positively impact e-governance processes.
  • Planning and coordination of various IT related programmed and projects within the Ministry.
  • Appraisal of new technologies and prescribing uniform standards
  • Provides promotion of IT work processes
  • Bandwidth management and ensuring safe and secure internet access
  • Along with  Communication and Documentation Division, jointly develop manage the Ministry’s portal/website
  • Management of all major networks in the Ministry as well as providing IT and IT enabled education to all staff
  • Other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Ministry’s Senior Management Team.