Public Advisory: Adherence to Construction Permit and Zoning Laws Required for All Building Projects in Liberia

In order to avoid future embarrassment and ensure that zonal and technical rules and regulations are fully honored and respected, the Ministry of Public Works requests all institutions and individuals desirous of engaging in public or private construction to legally obtain a Construction Permit as well as submit the full drawings to its department of Technical Services before the commencement of said construction.

Furthermore, all submitted drawings must be approved by the Ministry of Public Works and returned to the applicant (s) before actual construction works begin.
This announcement reinforces the Division of Zoning’s efforts aimed at educating the public as to the course of actions necessary to follow prior to the construction of any structure within the Republic of Liberia, which must be respected by all citizens and residents at all times.

The National Zoning Law of Liberia and the Construction Policy of the Ministry of Public Works forbid individuals/institutions from undertaking any form of construction without properly following the procedures emphasized in this announcement.

Henceforth, one’s failure to honor the above-mentioned laws shall be deemed a violation of the laws of the Republic of Liberia, which is subject to penalties determined by the very laws.

The public is hereby advised to remain adherent to these processes and procedures as they have been simplified to their convenience.